If you or your family are experiencing chronic sinus or other health issues, or are concerned that you may have a mold problem...
AirSafe Mold Specialists, LLC
can assist you in identifying the potential sources of mold,
visible and hidden, in your premises.
We conduct residential and commercial premise inspections offering a broad range of options that we attempt to tailor to each customer's personal objectives. We deliver this service utilizing state-of-the-art instruments and techniques, and the latest breakthrough in the search for potentially harmful mold...
Our professional Mold Detection Team
- a Certified Mold Inspector and a Certified Mold Dog™ -
Call us today for an immediate and cost-effective mold inspection and scientific assessment.
"Scents & Science"
Residential and Commercial Detection
Instant Potential Mold Location
Instant Air Particle Analysis
Scientific Laboratory Analysis
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